People make Martens

Our people give Martens clear added value as a supplier by their personal commitment, responsibility and inventiveness.

"The customer-oriented corporate culture is 'Martens-wide' and binds the different subsidiaries into a close-knit group." (Ralf Weterings, Group Marketing Officer)

Whatever the project, product or service, it's always good business with 'those people at Martens'.

The people of Martens have freedom
How do you continuously get the best out of your employees? Martens' corporate philosophy is effective due to its remarkably flat organisation. Customers deal with independent production and sales teams of up to fifteen employees in each subsidiary. The teams are directly responsible for achieving their goals, and have freedom to do so creatively. Whether it's devising a better product, a more efficient method of working or a more extensive service for the customer, the people have the final say. Team leaders and management encourage rather than steer.

Personal responsibility for excellent quality
This is stimulated by the management's philosophy. A person who is responsible pays better attention to quality. In addition to professionalism in multiple disciplines, attention to quality is a strong point of Martens' teams. The people of Martens are qualified professionals who directly combine technological, logistical and commercial knowledge with practical experience in the workplace. They have both feet planted firmly on the ground. This ensures practical, top quality solutions delivered as agreed. A man's word is his bond.

Brain over brawn
The industry was once quite dependent on physical strength. Today the people of Martens are distinguished by working primarily with their minds. The production processes are fully computer controlled. All feats of strength and repetitive operations are performed by machines and robots. This is great for the people, who can therefore concentrate completely on their customers' requirements. The people of Martens only have to monitor and manage the processes, in which customer-specific production is an important aspect.

Are you our new colleague?
We are always looking for new positive-minded colleagues who can strengthen our teams. Check out the opportunities via working at Martens or go directly to our current job vacancies.