Modern, all-round family business

Martens is a 100% family owned company founded in 1881. We are very proud of the rich history which our customers and employees (the People of Martens) have always been at the heart of. The commitment and customer focus of our people has brought us to where we are now: an all-round and modern family business.

Martens is a leading provider in multiple sectors. We are active in manufacturing and trading plastic and concrete pipe systems, concrete curing and concrete elements. We also develop ceramic building materials and provide horizontal and vertical transport. Our production processes, inventory management and transport are coordinated to ensure fast delivery of products. The infrastructure sector is our main group of customers, but the (DIY) retail sector and construction and installation companies are a also major Martens target group.

Innovation and sustainability hand-in-hand
Our company is constantly developing. We succeed in amazing our customers by being innovative and by introducing new possibilities in our markets. These innovations frequently go hand-in-hand with sustainability, a theme that has been one of our high priorities for many years.