Stable and dependable family owned company

Hein Martens founded Martens in 1881. We have remained a 100% family owned company ever since. Jan Martens (1926-1966) took over from Hein and was followed by the next Jan Martens (1966-2001), and now the fourth generation, represented by John Martens, manages the company. We are increasingly engaging the next generation (Yoeri and Ivar) in operational management.

HH Martens en JA Martens: Eerste twee generaties

Commitment to the company
Martens exemplifies the commitment of the family and staff. Engaging in long-term relationships with our customers defines our way of working. All phases we have undergone as a company are closely tied to the Martens family. For example, John has worked for the company for more than 25 years. At the same time, we have succeeded in retaining staff for prolonged periods. Every year there is a long list of anniversaries where many people celebrate their 40 year jubilee.

We are proud of our customer relations. In the commemoration album for our 50th anniversary (1931), various customers remarked on the relationships that were already long term at the time. The fact that we still maintain many persistent relationships after more than 135 years speaks volumes.

We have developed a family culture. The lines of communication are short, and everyone has the freedom to develop. During a recent survey, the staff representatives, team leaders and management mentioned the same positive culture values. A selection of the values connecting the People of Martens:

  • Can rely on one another;
  • Pride;
  • Sense of togetherness;
  • Lack of pretensions.

This leads to rapid decision making. We eagerly seize the opportunities we see to improve together with customers and suppliers.

People make Martens
Just as a family is made up of members who feel at home in it, Martens is made up of the people who strive together every day. Because people are the biggest force of the company, "People make Martens" is much more than just a slogan. It is the essence of what Martens is, and it is the driving force in our company.