Looking for a good employer?

We too are always looking for new colleagues with a positive attitude to strengthen our teams. You can get up and running in several ways.

Respond to a job vacancy:
Take a look at our current job vacancies. Do you think you are the right candidate? Please contact us by phone or send a response to the address listed in the job vacancy. If you are a temporary employee, you can of course also respond to our job vacancies.

Temporary work through a temping agency:
Most of the new people of Martens come in through the temping agency, often by first working at Martens during our busy times. Would you like to work for us as a temporary employee, or are you looking for an educational holiday job? Then it is best to register with Tempo Team, our partner for recruiting temporary staff.

Trainee position or thesis project?
We almost always have a number of trainees on staff in sales, production, logistics, ICT or accounting. We regularly have opportunities for you to gain work experience. Interested? Please send an email with a clear request to Martens.

A thesis project is also an option. Having a topical subject is a prerequisite. Do you have a good thesis proposal? Please send an email with your proposal to Martens.

Don't see a job vacancy that fits you?
Are you excited about our company and think you could contribute to Martens' future in some other role? Please send an unsolicited application to Martens, including a clear reason why you want to come to work with us.