Pressure Sewer Kapellenbos Pump wells

  • Client Municipality of Kapellen
  • Work Replacement of Sewerage at Kapellen

The woody villa district Kapellenbos at Antwerp struggled for some time with a sewerage problem. After fifteen years of loyalty to the government guidelines, the municipality of Kapellen found,with biochemical research, that the sewerage did not meet the legal requirements.
For the 1000 homes in the district the system with IBAs showed that they were not working properly. This perhaps was not even fully in the system, but to its users. They have to maintain their system and this only happened in 20% of the homes. The result was that the district was bothered by the stench and unsanitary conditions.
A alderman of Kapellen, Mr. van Haaren, looked at different systems. Eventually there is opted for a concrete pressure sewer system, this system is reliable, easy to install and the results can be easily monitored. This system of concrete pump wells, is provided by ITT Water & Wastewater Zavetem B.V. in co-operation with Martens.
For the total project Martens has produced 154 pump wells.18 pump wells were equipped with a rinse point installation.