New Construction of Warehouse PostNL, Den Bosch Loading Docks and Prefabricated Walls

  • Client PostNL
  • Contractor Heembouw
  • Work 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Date Januari 2012

No additional costs or work to fit the leveler, our loading docks are guaranteed dimensionally stable.
You do not worry about the hight of the platform, our loading docks are enforceable in different platform heights with a sloped floor.
No additional shuttering required for the floor, our cast-in framework also serves as shuttering for the floor.
You do not need additional (drilling)work because the conduit for the control and the sockets for the shock bumpers are already cast-in.
Due to a solid color and a smooth finish of our loading docks, you will immediately convince your client of your "business card of expertise".
You will save a lot of cost and time on site by our very fast assembly time from 10 to 12 loading docks per day.
Our Loading Docks can also be applied in an existing situation. Our sister company Teuben can put the dock in the right place in your existing building.