Lievingerveld construction site preparation

The "Lievingerveld" site is located near Beilen's village centre in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe. This project is different from other residential developments. The future residents have a lot of input.

Plan Lievingerveld

Beugel contractors from Beilen, who will prepare the 20 ha site for construction, opted for Martens Groep drainage materials.


Th materials involved are a combination of Martens plastics and Martens concrete, including:

  • MIKZ concrete manholes 800x800 mm
  • MARU concrete pipes 300 mm
  • PVC pipe in various diameters, including 315 and 250 mm


The project will run from early December 2019 to March 2020.


Why Martens?
Our speedy delivery and customer-oriented service were deciding factors.