Krekelberg, municipality Stabroek (B) Pump wells, Customization

  • Client Municipality Stabroek (B)
  • Contractor Schapers & Zn. BV
  • Work Krekelberg, Stabroek (België)
  • Date 2015 - mei 2016

In the municipality of Stabroek, in the district Krekelberg, a separate sewer system is built with pump wells of Martens. The waste water will end up in the sewage treatment plant of Antwerp-North. The clean rain water is connected to the existing and new canals. In addition, all the pipes and cables will be renewed and placed underground.

For this work Martens supplied the pumping wells.This custom-made wells are especially produced for this work and consist of three components: a basic module, an intermediate module and a top module. The total internal dimension is impressive: Width 3250mm, Length 6600mm and Height 4510mm. It weighs 105 tons, the heaviest component weighs about 60 tons.