Dyke reinforcement Stavenissepolder, Tholen 40000 m2 Hillblocks (dyke blocks)

  • Client Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland, Project Zeeweringen
  • Contractor GMB Civiel B.V.
  • Work Improvement Slope Construction Stavenisse
  • Date April – oktober 2014

Dyke reinforcement Stavenisse polder is one of the dyke works awarded by Rijkswaterstaat for the protection of primary dikes in Zeeland.

The dyke area is located on the Oosterschelde on the west side of the island Tholen and has a length of 3.4 kilometers.

The municipality Tholen owns the dyke project. Scheldestromen Water is responsible for its management.

The dykes are reinforced by installing concrete pillars on the slopes. The concrete pillars of Martens were chosen for this embankment work .

These Hill Blocks are KOMO-certified and comply with the requirements of the  "Zetsteen van beton 7024" standard.

One of the EMVI (Economically Most Advantageous Tender) criteria in the tender contract was delivering concrete pillars which are more substainably produced than conventional concrete pillars. The determining herein was to reduce the amount of concrete in the entire work as much as possible.

The Hillblocks are ideal for this. For Hillblocks is in fact 30% less concrete needed. This can not only achieve a substantially higher fictional discount, but there is also considerably less transport required. This is less damaging to the environment and also nuisance for traffic and environment will be minimized.

Project Zeeweringen, a partnership between Rijkswaterstaat and Scheldestromen Water, brought the performed work extra to the attention because of the exceptional quality of the work. 

Want to see how the installation of the Hillblocks is carried out? Then click the following link:                  http://www.youtube.com/embed/0VFSPdvFc0M?