Business area Haarbrug Zuid, Bunschoten Precast concrete pit

  • Client Gemeente Bunschoten
  • Contractor Vink Aannemingsmaatschappij
  • Work Site preparation business area Haarbrug-Zuid
  • Date Maart 2013

The municipality Bunschoten develops in the area Haarbrug Zuid a new business area. The area still consists of grassland and ribbon development. The new business area is intended inter alia for new companies and the relocation of other industrial parks from the core of Bunschoten.

At the stage of site preparation of the area, Martens delivered to the supplier of pumping equipment, Xylem Water Solutions Netherlands, a customized concrete pit made of special format. The concrete pit houses a pumping station with a flow capacity of 60 m3 per hour and 22 kWh.

The pump pit consist of three modules of reinforced concrete and has a HDPE lining and a spindle slide.


  • Basic module well 1600 x 3500 x 2750mm.
  • Intermediate module 1600 x 3500 x 1360mm.
  • The top module or cover 2400 x 3900 x 220mm.

The modules are by special transport by Teuben, a subsidiary of Martens, placed on the destination. After that, the modules were, with extreme precision, placed at a single line on top of each other.