55 Septic Tanks for Noordwaard Ruimte voor de Rivier Noordwaard

  • Client Municipality of Werkendam
  • Work Ruimte voor de Rivier Noordwaard
  • Date Mei 2014

In the entire municipality of Werkendam 55 houses and farms that are not connected to the regular sewer system, are equipped with a Septic Tank. Septic tanks are also known as IBA, Individual Wastewater Treatment.

The use of the improved septic tank or IBA is an extremely suitable economical solution in such areas, because there is no need to build any sewerage network. And vulnerable nature areas, such as Noordwaard, will be left in peace as much as possible in this way. 

The IBA system of Martens works on pressure sewer systems or gravity sewer. Martens septic tanks are supplied with walkable inspection covers and are easy to build up to an IBA system in a higher class.