EAN code: 08711422006939

Article number: 53376/00

Model: 1-part

Shape: Straight

Connection 1: Slide sleeve

Connection 2: Slide sleeve

Bend angle: 0 ┬░

Ring stiffness class: Other

Surface protection connection 1: Untreated

Surface treatment connection 1: Untreated

Surface protection connection 2: Untreated

Surface treatment connection 2: Untreated

Capped: No

With sealing rings/gaskets: No

Nominal diameter connection 2: DN 90

Eccentric: No

With drain: No

With de-aerator: No

Outer pipe diameter connection 1: 90 mm

Outer pipe diameter connection 2: 90 mm

Flange compression class: Other

With buffer stud: Yes

LPCB quality mark: No

Material sealing: NBR (nitrile rubber)

Reducing: No

Nominal diameter connection 1: DN 90

System-specific: Yes

Material connection 1: Polyethylene (PE)

Material connection 2: Polyethylene (PE)

Material quality connection 1: PE-80

Material quality connection 2: PE-80

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