PVC nesting boxes to control the processionary caterpillar

PVC nesting boxes to control the processionary caterpillar

One pest that many municipalities need to control is the processionary caterpillar.

The little insect causes serious discomfort and we are expecting a huge plague this year. Given the existing temperatures, this caterpillar's eggs could already be hatching and if this continues, the first caterpillars can be expected as early as May.


Fighting the processionary caterpillar naturally

A favourite method for controlling this caterpillar is the Great Tit (Parus major). Many municipalities already fit nesting boxes to attract this bird.

This was also done at the Wildert horse stables in Dongen. These stables are surrounded by oak trees and already had to contend with the itch-causing critter last year. Stable owner Jan decided to tackle the problem by installing PVC nesting boxes. This is a natural control method that is not harmful to nature.


Always a smart idea!

Martens had a special PVC nesting box made a few years ago, on request of Vogelwacht Akkerwoude. The box was placed in the Rinsmastate woods and the durable material soon attracted many birds.


It is great to see how our product can help in the fight against this nasty pest.