New Moffett electric truck at Martens kunststoffen Region North

New Moffett electric truck at Martens Kunststoffen Region North: Sustainable Innovation in Logistics! 🌍

At Martens, we integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our business strategy. Today, we proudly introduce our latest addition: a fully electric 4-way Moffett truck that utilizes advanced battery technology and all-wheel drive.


kooiaap rc noord

Kooiaap RC-noord


This investment optimizes our supply chain, allowing us to operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly. The quiet, emission-free operation of this truck enables us to deliver silently early in the morning, even in residential areas, without disturbances or complaints. Our new addition not only promises operational benefits but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

Let's strive together for more sustainable solutions and the successful deployment of this new electric fleet. Towards more efficient and environmentally conscious logistics! 🚚⚡