People make Martens
These three words sum up the whole corporate philosophy of Martens. Important as Martens technology, machines and systems may be, for the client it is the people who make the difference. By their personal involvement, responsibilities and inventiveness they give Martens clear value surplus as supplier. The client-first corporate culture is ’Martenswide’ and binds the seven subsidiaries into a close-knit group. Whatever the project, product or service it’s always doing good business, ’with those people from Martens’.

The people from Martens get room for manoeuvre
How do you consistently get the best out of your people? Martens translates its corporate philosophy into practice with a remarkably flat organization. In each subsidiary customers deal with independent production and sales teams of up to fifteen members. The teams are individually responsible for reaching their targets, and all are given room to flesh it out in a creative way. Whether thinking up a better product, a more efficient way of working or a more developed customer service, the people always has the final word. Team leaders and management stimulate more than direct.

Individual responsibility for top quality
Anyone who bears personal responsibility is more careful about quality. Attention to quality is therefore also a strong point of the teams of Martens, besides professionalism in several disciplines. The people from Martens are qualified experts who link technological, logistical and commercial know-how directly with practical experience on the shop floor. They have both feet firmly on the ground. That way they can guarantee top quality practical solutions, delivered as per arrangement. A persons word is his bond!

Brainwork instead of brute force
The branch used to depend heavily on muscle power. Nowadays the people from Martens stand out from the rest mainly because they use their brains when they work. The production processes are completely computer-controlled. All strenuous and repetitive operations are done by machines and robots. That’s a good thing for the people, who are now able to concentrate completely on their clients’ wishes. The people from Martens carry out only the inspection and control of the processes, in which client-specific production is an important aspect.