Always a bright idea
Where other suppliers often stick to the well-trodden path, the people from Martens prefer to break new ground towards better solutions. You can just make what is asked for, but you can also look for a better answer, a brighter idea. That urge to explore new possibilities is directed towards the development of products and services and towards the production processes and all-inclusive business organization. Call it selfwilling or even headstrong - the fact remains that the people from Martens score good results in all their markets.
People make Martens
These three words sum up the whole corporate philosophy of Martens. Important as Martens technology, machines and systems may be, for the client it is the people who make the difference. By their personal involvement, responsibilities and inventiveness they give Martens clear value surplus as supplier. The client-first corporate culture is 'Martenswide' and binds the seven subsidiaries into a close-knit group. Whatever the project, product or service it's always doing good business, 'with those people from Martens'.

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